About Us

Bright Beginning Childcare & Early Learning Centre, Albion Park

Little Hands.... Big Achievements...


Bright Beginning Child Care and ELC is a privately owned education and care service located in Albion Park 2527. The educators at our service hold a particular commitment to early childhood education. Our practices and service delivery are based on the National Quality Framework, monitored by the Regulatory Authorities and responsible to ACECQA. We welcome families and children to our service and endeavour to create an extension of the home environment. By working together with families we will provide an environment that promotes quality care and education to the individual child. We believe that education is a continually evolving process that enriches and empowers the individual.


Our aim for the service is to provide quality education and care that is inclusive and recognises diversity, in a caring and supportive environment. Each child is encouraged to aim for personal excellence and to develop skills of independent learning and critical thinking in a co-operative learning environment.


Our Early Education and Care Centre follows the Early Years Learning Framework, thereby giving your child the best possible outcomes in terms of both their abilities to learn and their social development. The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) incorporates three key concepts that we apply with every child, everyday, otherwise known as the 3 Bs; Belonging, Being and Becoming.



"Belonging" acknowledges and encourages children’s abilities to form and appreciate new relationships, thereby supporting their social development.


"Being" recognises the significance behind helping children to appreciate their time as youngsters. It symbolises the here and now in children’s lives.


"Becoming" reflects the specific processes of growth and development in a given child’s early years. It acknowledges the significance in reinforcing that development for the future.


What is the Early Years Learning Framework?

The Early Years Learning Framework was developed by the state as a means of providing teachers and educators with a structure on how to effectively and efficiently plan and assess learning activities and monitor your child’s progress. The framework reflects the significance in communication and language and supports a child’s natural social and emotional development.

With a strong emphasis on play-based learning, the Bright Beginning Childcare and Early Learning Centre encourages and incorporates the Early Years Learning Framework to give your children the best foundations for a positive future. To find out more about the Early Years Learning Framework, please click here.

To see what’s on offer for your children at Bright Beginnings Childcare & ELC, please click here.


Why Bright Beginning?

In order to ensure that our service stands out from the rest we provide:

  • Education and care for children between the ages of 2 years and 6 years
  • Long Day Care from 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday
  • The service is open 50 weeks a year, except on Public Holidays. Dates will be advised
  • Pre School Program
  • Large outdoor playground
  • Early Years Learning Framework curriculum
  • Caring, experienced and qualified educators
  • Approved for Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate



Our team of educators at Bright Beginning have a commitment to the children, the service and their individual career aspirations. The service supports the continuity of professional development of our educators with regular workshops and training supplied in a range of different topics specific to Early Childhood Education and Care.


To ensure the highest standard of quality care and education for your child, we aim to provide a team of educators from a range of diverse nationalities and cultures, as well as qualifications:


University Trained Early Childhood Teachers
Trained Educators - Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care 
Assistant Educators - Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care
Training Educators – Training in Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care


Celebrating the growing multicultural community in which we belong to in the Albion Park, our team of educators come from various nationalities and cultures and bring this experience to our service for the benefit of the children and the Curriculum. There are various culturally diverse experiences provided to the children, including Multicultural Week celebrations and various other language and literature experiences every day.