Bright Beginning Childcare & Early Learning Centre, Albion Park

Little Hands.... Big Achievements....

Our quality early learning centre in Albion Park provides your children with a range of fun-filled activities to keep their minds and bodies active, as well as supporting them through their formative education and development. We incorporate the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) across every aspect of our Day, as well as catering for your children’s every need.

Our mission is to provide your children with all of the benefits, coupled with due care and attention, expected from an outstanding childCare centre. These include:

For the children:

  • The company of nurturing and caring adults
  • Consistent rostering, so the children know who to expect each morning when they are dropped off
  • Freedom to express emotions and feelings appropriately with support at every turn
  • A learning environment that encourages your children to learn, discover and play
  • Reflection times and places for children to rest or relax, or even be alone if they really want to (supervised of course).
  • The opportunity to play and interact with other children
  • A clear and reasonable understanding behind your children’s own behaviour as well as helping them to respect the behaviour of others.
  • A diet suited to your exact requirements, accounting for any allergies, sensitivities and distastes


For you:

  • A team of fully qualified, certified child carers and educators to ensure your child’s positive growth and development
  • Consistent staffing arrangements, so you have a familiar face each and every day
  • Long Day Care options, for those times when you know you’re day is going to be hectic
  • The freedom to come and go as you please – sometimes children can really struggle to let go of their parents, even if it’s just for a few hours. It's with that in mind that we openly welcome a few little visits here and there, although, it is highly recommended that during your children’s earlier years, they experience independence for the benefit of their future development.


If you would like to arrange a visit, or to speak to us for more information please call us on 02 4257 1505.
Alternatively, you can email us directly at and one of our lovely members of staff will get back to you as soon as possible.


22 Gloucester Circuit
Albion Park
New South Wales

Our opening hours are 7:00am to 6:00pm on Monday-Friday